Our Vision

     Our vision for Bean Point is pretty simple. We have eleven lots. One lot has our vacation rental on it. We envision a unique little "settlement" of rustic farm style houses that are well kept. Our lots are restricted to prevent situations that would lead to devaluation of our real estate. 

     Our lots are for sale, as is our vacation rental. We envision building other homes that we will use as short term rentals. 

     We anticipate that some of those who purchase lots and/or build here will be using this property as a second home. We offer services such as lawn maintainence, house cleaning, short term rental management, house design, home construction, or just a neighbor to help keep an eye on your place if you do use it as a weekend home.

​    I am a "trying to retire" residential building contractor, having built custom homes around Heber Springs for over 30 years. My dad was a builder in this area before me and our two sons are in this trade as well.

    If you are considering buying or building a weekend home near Greers Ferry Lake, come visit us. We would love to show you what we have to offer.

About Bean Point

​Our family

     Susan's Great-Uncle Earl bought 80 acres at Bean Point in 1939. Hard times came, and in 1957, he was about to lose the "farm". His brother, Fred, bought it from him, and managed to pay off the note.

     When Greers Ferry Lake came in the early 1960's he found he had a beautiful view along their northern boundary. 

     Over the next 20-30 years he sold a few lake view lots, having a "rough, unrecorded idea" of how to subdivide the land into building sites.

     For various reasons this never materialized. The land sat idle for  a number of years as his health failed. Fourteen years after his death, the remaining land was divided among his four children. Susan's mom gave us half of her portion and we bought more from others.

     We finished the subdividing that was begun 40 years earlier and built our vacation rental on one of the lots.


Earl and Fred

in the late 1920's

​Who was Jesse Bean?

     The high ridge overlooking Greers Ferry Lake was called Bean Point long before the lake was made in the early 1960's. The name goes back to the late 1800's to the family of Jesse Bean.

     Jesse Bean, whose family owned and farmed the land, was born in 1840. He left Cleburne County to fight in the Confederate army.

     The story is told that, as he returned home, he passed by a home several miles from here. A woman was outside working. He met her, perhaps exchanging some chores for a meal. She was a widow with several small children. They later married and she moved to Bean Point with him where they lived.

     Jesse Bean died in 1899. He is buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery about 2 miles SW of Bean Point.