Welcome to Bean Point Vacation Rental. 

     Whether you are coming to Heber Springs to spend time on the lake or just to visit family, we offer a relaxing atmosphere in a quiet, out-of-the-way spot that is still only 3 minutes to the lake where you can launch your boat, swim, or camp. And only 15 minutes from Walmart, golf, shops, restaurants, and more.

     Our home was built in June, 2014. It is new, clean, and ready for you to enjoy. We own, manage, and clean it ourselves. We want you to have a good experience in each phase of your visit. From the booking process to the cleanliness of the house. From checking in to checking out we want you to be glad you stayed at Bean Point.


     No matter what your interests are, you will find something to enjoy during your stay at Bean Point. Spring. Summer. Winter. Fall. There's always something to see or explore. 

     And after a day of seeing and taking in the sights, come back to our vacation rental home at Bean Point to relax on the deck or sit around the fire pit. Your lodging experience won't get much better than this.

​Check out our lots.

​Bean Point Vacation Rental 

a vacation rental home 1/4 mile from Greers Ferry Lake near Heber Springs, AR

Bean Point Vacation Rental in Heber Springs

Bean Point Vacation Rental lodging for visitors to Greers Ferry Lake 

Our Frisbee Golf Course

Our vacation rental has sold.

Ready to Book?

Need to find a vacation rental home in Heber Springs? near Greers Ferry Lake?

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​Booking our house is easy. Here are the best two options.

1. If you are ready to book and want to book now, you can go to vrbo.com/ 574538 and hit the Book It button. It's pretty well that simple. This is the best way if you want to use a credit card and are ready to reserve your dates now. There are other payment options you can use there as well. You can send us messages or ask us questions from there also. The major disadvantage to using vrbo checkout is paying the new service fee they began early this year. It will cost you an extra 4%-9%. (Usually between $40-$150)

2. Your second option is to contact us directly. You can do that in Our Contact        Info page or by calling or texting us at (501)206-6226 or emailing us at              jswaldrup@sbcglobal.net. We welcome any questions or comments about our    house. We try to be very prompt about answering inquiries. Your payment          options this way are personal check, paypal, or postal money order. We are        not set up to take credit cards at this time. Maybe in the future.

                                Bean Point Frisbee Golf Rules

     Play begins at the lot marker at the SE corner of the lot where the house is located. The wooden sign is labeled   1/2.
     You are allowed to move one step away from your previous throw in any direction to avoid obstacles. One step only.
     When you are 20’ or less from the pin, or post you are trying to hit, the “one step” rule does not apply. When you are 20’ or less from the pin, one foot must remain on the ground where your Frisbee was until the throw leaves your hand.
     Hitting the pin means you hit either the metal post or the wooden sign on the post.
     Not every lot marker post is used. Make sure you are headed toward the proper marker as shown on the scorecard.
     The course has 13 holes with a course par of 43.

                   Suggestion for playing with smaller kids

     We have four bigger Frisbees and a bunch of small ones. We let smaller kids use the smaller ones but give them 2 shots to count as one shot, or whatever works out fair.  Most adults will not like the smaller ones.

      This is a "poor man's" frisbee golf course. If you are really "into" frisbee golf you might want to bring your own frisbee. Aren't they called "discs" or something? LOL

     Well, that’s it! Leave us a note with your high scores individually or in a scramble. It will give us something to aim for.​​